European Union warns Pakistan for atrocities against Baloch people

European Parliament vice president Ryszard Czarnecki on Friday said the EU may impose sanctions on Pakistan if it doesn’t stop human rights violations in Balochistan.

“We have bilateral, economic and political relations with Pakistan and if Pakistan doesn’t change their policy in Balochistan , then we will have to change our policy towards Pakistan,” Czarnecki told news agency ANI.
Czarnecki who attended a vigil in support of Baloch freedom fighters said,” There are some very brutal massacres committed in Balochistan by Pakistan. Not it’s time for us t act. We cannot accept it.”

The European Union leader’s statement comes at a time when India is considering political asylum to Baloch freedom fighters exiled by Pakistan.

Urging the 28 members of the EU to act against Pakistan’s double standards, Czarnecki said: “Pakistan shows two faces. One face that is an open face towards us and then a brutal face towards Balochistan.”

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