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Some iPhone 6s/Plus users experiencing zoomed display glitch after restoring from iPhone 5/5s/5c

Some iPhone 6s/Plus users are reporting a display glitch in Wallet and some other apps, where they get a permanently zoomed-in view after restoring from an iPhone 5/5S/5C. Apple has told owners that it is aware of the issue but does not currently have a fix other than setting up the phone as a new one. The

Apple officially confirms first Apple Store in Belgium opens in Brussels on 19th September

Apple has now officially confirmed the opening date of its first Belgian retail store, opening in Brussels on 19th September. The date is shown on the hoarding outside the new store, located at Gulden Vliesdaan 26-28, and was confirmed by Apple to ANV. The wording on the hoarding reads ‘Creativity, to be continued,’ and features paintings by local

Google app connects Android smartwatch to iPhone

Google is introducing an application that will connect Android smartwatches with Apple’s iPhone, escalating the rivals’ battle to strap their technology on people’s wrists. The move thrusts Google on to Apple’s turf in an attempt to boost the lackluster sales of watches running on its Android Wear software. The program uniting the devices running on

Apple hires former Tesla engineer to join its Project Titan car team

Apple appears to have hired yet another former Tesla engineer to join its ever growing automated car team. First noticed by Reuters, Apple has hired Jamie Carlson to likely join its car team. Carlson’s LinkedIn profile reflects that he has left Tesla and joined Apple, although his role at Apple is simply listed as a a

Apple launches iSight camera replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has discovered that a limited number of iPhone 6 Plus devices sold between September and January are affected by a manufacturing defect with the back camera. This defect causes photos taken with the back iSight camera to come out blurry. Apple will replace the camera in your affected device for free, if eligible. You can find out

Report : Samsung sees worldwide sales fall 5.3% YOY, losing out to Apple & Chinese brands

New data from Gartner suggests that Samsung saw its worldwide sales fall by 5.3% year-on-year, its market share dropping from 26.2% in Q2 2014 to 21.9% in the same quarter this year. The company lost ground to both Apple and Chinese brands Huawei and Xiaomi. Despite the launch of new S6 models, Samsung’s premium phones

Russian jeweller offers the most bizarre customized Apple Watches you’ll ever see, for $3000

Someone, somewhere not only has no aesthetic taste, but also feels an inexplicable need to pay tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin – or so Russian jewellery brand Caviar apparently believes. It has released a limited edition customized model which features an embossed dot pattern inscribed with Putin’s signature, the Moscow skyline and the state emblem on

Telstra offering 12 months free of Apple Music

Telstra, the largest carrier in Australia, has today launched a new webpage on which it reveals an exclusive offering related to Apple Music. The carrier is offering new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers, across both 12 month and 24 month contracts, a free year of Apple Music on its Go Mobile plans. This

Apple Updates iPod Touch With Faster Processor and Better Camera

Apple iPod

The iPod isn’t dead yet, after all: Apple announced an update to its iPod touch Wednesday that puts puts the device more on par with the iPhone 6.

Apple Finally Fixes The iPhone Keyboard’s issue In iOS 9

iOs 9 keyboard

In iOs 9 Apple is finally fixing one of the platform’s strangest quirks: the keyboard will no longer appear to be all caps, all the time.

If you’re an Android user, or someone who just doesn’t think about stuff like this all that much, you might have no idea what I’m talking about.