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Facebook’s Safety Check tool is now active in Chennai

Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in Chennai and surrounding areas and the rain is expected to continue for several more days. For residents of Chennai, Facebook has activated the Safety Check tool to let family and friends know you are safe. If you’re in Chennai and want to mark yourself or your friends safe by using

Facebook Goes Down

For the second time in a week, Facebook had outage issues. The website began having issues around 3 p.m. Eastern Time, causing a flurry of angry posts on the other social media networks that were working. Facebook went down on September 24th for a brief time, much to the frustration of their one billion active

Facebook tests floating videos

Facebook floating videos feature

Facebook tests floating videos feature that allow user to watch videos while scrolling.
A new button that’s quietly appeared on Facebook for some today allows video to be popped out from the newsfeed so you can keep watching as you scroll.

Facebook Updates News Feed So Your Favorite Friends Rise to the Top


World’s social network giant FACEBOOK IS UPDATING its News Feed preferences to give users greater control over what they see. Or at least the illusion of greater control.

Facebook just announced a slew of tools that will allow people to, as the company says, “actively shape and improve the experience.” Among other things, the tweaks let you select which friends and pages you see at the top of your News Feed, and help you more easily discover pages you might like. The company says this is, of course, all in the service of making Facebook an even more awesome experience.

Brazil judges fine Google, Facebook over dead singer pics


Brazilian judges have fined Facebook and Google thousands of dollars for failing to remove gruesome photos and videos showing the body of a popular singer killed last month in a car crash. Cristiano Araujo, 29, was killed alongside his girlfriend in a car crash in Goias on June 24. Shortly after, photos and amateur video footage

Facebook builds $500 million wind-powered data centre in Texas


Facebook is building a massive data centre in Texas to provide more computing capacity for the online social network’s 1.4 billion users to share tidbits of their lives with friends and family. The first phase of the $500 million project in Fort Worth, Texas will span about 5,00,000 square feet. It will be located on

New facebook app allows users to see who deleted them


Facebook’s new app has been released on Android and iOS, which allows users to keep track of their friends list and find out who deleted them. According to thenextweb.com, the app is similar to Who Unfollowed Me for Twitter, which tells the users when friends have disappeared from their list and whether they have deactivated

Facebook Reunites Mom With Son after 15 Years


A California mother and her teenage son have been reunited after 15 years apart, all thanks to a an old family photograph posted to Facebook. Before this week, Hope Holland hadn’t seen her son Jonathan since he was 3 years old, when his father kidnapped him and fled to Mexico. But Hope kept the faith

Now use Facebook on your Android phones, in areas with poor internet

Facebook Lite

Now Facebook finally lunches much awaited apps that work in low internet , also in 2G. The app name is ‘Facebook Lite’ — a simplified version of the mobile website for low-end Android devices in emerging markets has officially launched in India and the Philippines. The Facebook app has been specially designed to work in

India brings business for Mark Zuckerberg with 125 million Facebook users

Mark Zuckerberg

The tech savvy Indians have taken social networking major Facebook user base to 125 million in India, adding a whopping 13 million users in the six months. According to report, India is the second largest market for Facebook globally. According to the report, Facebook had 112 million users in India till December 2014 but seeing