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Want your Gmail messages to self-destruct? There’s a Chrome extension for that…

Dmail is a Chrome extension which allows you to un-send, or revoke any emails you send through your Gmail account. The service was launched by the same brainiacs that brought us the Delicious social bookmarking tool. Self-destructing email isn’t exactly a new thing. Google itself rolled out a feature that lets you un-send a message

Gmail Inbox updated with new snooze functionality

gmail snooze

Google today announced a useful new feature that is now available in its Inbox email app. Starting today, when users “snooze” an email that has dates and times, they will be presented with a one-tap option to snooze to a specific time further in the future. For instance, you can snooze an event confirmation email

You can back sent email in Gmail

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You’ve agonized over an important e-mail, read it over a few times and finally muster up the courage to hit “Send.” Then, as you breathe a sigh of relief for finally completing it, you see that you’ve spelled your recipient’s name wrong “John” instead of “Jon” — left a crucial sentence unfinished or maybe written