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Apple Finally Fixes The iPhone Keyboard’s issue In iOS 9

iOs 9 keyboard

In iOs 9 Apple is finally fixing one of the platform’s strangest quirks: the keyboard will no longer appear to be all caps, all the time.

If you’re an Android user, or someone who just doesn’t think about stuff like this all that much, you might have no idea what I’m talking about.

Apple Releases its Second iOS 9 Beta

apple ios 9

As we expected to happen a little earlier in the week, Apple has released its second beta for iOS 9. The new beta, which developers can download as an over-the-air update, will likely be the last developers-only beta before a full public iOS 9 beta is released in July. 9to5Mac informs us that the beta features “a new Proactive menu on the left side of the first Home screen, new features for the Maps app, an upgraded Notes application, and a redesigned app-switching interface.”