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OnePlus CEO teases ‘X’ device move ahead of October 12 launch event

OnePlus has an announcement to make in India on October 12, in which it is expected to unveil its third phone, as well as a renewed focus on the Indian market. This could mean products made in India, similar to a move made recently by Xiaomi, another Chinese manufacturer. Likewise, Motorola was also keen recently to

OnePlus 2 reservations hit 2 million

OnePlus has tweeted that it has now notched up two million reservations for the OnePlus 2, just a week after it hit the 1M mark. Would-be customers, however, seem unimpressed by the number, with many replies asking the company to focus less on celebrating the number and more on meeting demand for the phone … 

OnePlus founder: Third phone will be out before the end of the year

Carl Pei (OnePlus co-founder) states that his company will have a second phone out this year, hopefully in time for Christmas. He didn’t give any clues as to what the phone may or may not feature, but he did say it’d be a tough choice between using the OnePlus 2 or this unreleased phone as