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Microsoft will support Windows 10 mobile till January 2018

Unlike iOS and Android, Microsoft offers just one version for a longer period of time along with regular updates and newer builds for users. Microsoft has now confirmed that they will provide support to Windows 10 mobile till the end of 2017 for all users. According to Microsoft, the company will make updates available for the operating system, including

Windows 10 Reaches 14 Million Installs

Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, launched on Wednesday and is currently rolling out in phases. It now appears the first phase was a big one, as Microsoft says on its official blog that Windows 10 has now been installed on 14 million devices. Many more upgrades are still to come. “We still have many

Windows 10 Home edition priced at Rs 7,999 and Windows 10 Pro will sell for Rs 14,999 in India

Window 10 Desktop

It is known to all that Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a free upgrade but what a few might have missed is that the upgrade only comes free to those who run genuine copies of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. But if you are on an older Windows OS, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista,

You can’t turn off automatic updates in windows 10

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Microsoft will force Windows 10 Home users to download and install updates to its operating system without any options to turn them off. A final version of the OS, distributed to testers this week, contains a clause in the end user license agreement (EULA) that reveals Windows 10 users will receive “automatic updates without any

Microsoft Windows 10 Launch: worldwide celebrations


Microsoft has announced plans for a celebratory debut of Windows 10 in 13 cities around the world, including Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, São Paulo, and New York City.

Microsoft’s Westminster: Developers can now port from iOS, Android to Windows 10

Microsoft isn’t leaving any stone unturned to ensure that is meets its target of 1 billion downloads of Windows 10. To ensure that a substantial number of apps are found on Windows 10, Microsoft has now announced Project Westminster. In a post on the Windows blog, Kiril Seksenov, and Engineer on the Microsoft Edge Web

Know more about release of Microsoft Windows 10

According to the techcrunch.com, Microsoft said in a blog post that there are five million Windows Insiders, up from 3.7 million in May. The company also said that it has collected millions of reservations for Windows 10 from the public. Microsoft will give Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 10 first wallpaper

Windows 10 desktop image

Microsoft unveiled its first look at the new Windows 10 desktop wallpaper today in a behind the scenes video showing how lasers, smoke machines, colored filters and falling crystal dust were used to create the luminous new background. Working with San Francisco based designer Bradley G. Munkowitz, a Microsoft team set out to create what