Things you didn’t know you could do with Google.

1. Set a timer

This comes in handy when the timer on your cooker doesn’t work. Or if you were working out in your living room and your computer is just that little bit closer than your phone.

What do you do? Go to Google.

Set a timer

2) Calculate your tip

You know how it is. You’ve had a massive, boozy dinner and not a single member of the large 10+ party is sober enough to accurately work out the tip.
Thankfully Google always is.
Type tip calculator into search calculator and this screen will come up, allowing you to input your bill and how much tip in percentage

Calculate your tip

Unfortuntely, it only seems to let you do it with dollars. Which is why you also need to…

3) Convert your currency

Type in currency converter. Enter the amount you need to convert and the type of currency. Done.

Convert your currency

4) Get an instant anagram by Googling anagram

Get an instant anagram by Googling anagram

Good one, Google. Good one.

5) Translate almost any phrase

Now here’s a way to impress your international date.
Blow your Swedish date away by expressing your affection for them by knowing the exact phrase to tell them you love them.

Translate almost any phrase

6) Work out how many calories are in your food

A handy tool for dieters and for the morbidly curious to calculate just how bad that large pizza was for you.
Simply Google ‘calories in’ your chosen food. Say, cheese, my favourite naughty treat.

Work out how many calories are in your food

You can change the value for how much you’re eating, whether that be just a slice, a cup full or the sad sorry truth.
Like probably around 100g, so 400 calories, of cheese.

Work out how many calories are in your food2

7) Or surprise them at the airport

Who doesn’t like being greeted at the airport? It’s one sure way to show you care.
But if your intended is still in the air with their phone switched off, how are you meant to know where to surprise them with a enormous bunch of flowers?
Come to the rescue Google.
Simply Google their flight number, and you’ll get all the information you need:

Or surprise them at the airport

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